Trial Pack - S+M+L / 32 S + 32 M + 32 L stripes

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MAGICSTRIPES Trial Pack includes all 3 sizes.


Perfect if you don't know which size is the right one for you and you want to test them all.

The original immediate eyelid lifting without surgery for droopy eyelids! Best kept secret of many stars and international VIPs, the stripes were first introduced to the European market by the celebrity makeup artist Natalie Franz. These skin friendly silicone eyelid correction patches create a fresh, radiant look and an overall younger appearance within seconds. Suitable for women as well as men of all ages.                                                                                                                                               
  • Transparent and comfortable to wear
  • Easy and fast application
  • Immediate and long lasting effect
  • Apply makeup as usual
  • Dermatologically tested as "Excellent"

      dermatologically tested and certified   

      32 small stripes, 32 medium stripes, 32 large stripes- total 96 stripes. 

      without                                                           with MAGICSTRIPES

      Easy steps for a radiant, fresh and younger look:
      1. Remove any grease from your eyelids.
      2. Remove the stripes from the silver foil.
      3. Lean your head slightly backwards while looking straight into the mirror.
      4. Stick the stripes onto the eyelid crease.

      Enjoy the Magic!

      Watch the tutorial :


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