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Content: 1 mask for single application

The combination of ultra fine clay particles and the microfiber mask sheet, not only retains an excellent cleaning function, but also helps shaping and tightening the skin. It is the newest scientific and technological achievement for clay masks. The mask deeply cleanses, firms the skin and effectively helps to minimize enlarged pores. It keeps the skin clear and hydrated. It also firms and tightens the skin. Fine lines are smoothened.

  • Draws out impurities
  • Removes blackheads
  • Refines pores
  • Refreshes skin complexion
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Tightening, firming and nourishing effect
  • Smoothes fine lines

    dermatologically tested and certified

    1. Environmental toxins, dirt and makeup residues clog the pores and provoke not only an unhealthy skin appearance but also damage the skin over time.

    2. Natural ingredients stimulate the heat receptors of the skin to “open” the pores by heating and to “close” them in the 2nd step by cooling down.

    3. The clay particles enter the opened pores, absorb makeup residues, dirt and toxins and push them out, while the skin cools down, tightening the pores.

    4. In the final step the skin pores are stimulated to close further by cooling down. The pores are “free”from dirt, deep cleaned and refined.

    1. Clean your face thoroughly and dry it.
    2. Take out the mask and remove the film. Place the upper and lower part of the mask on the according part of your face.
    3. Leave the the mask around 20-30 minutes till it becomes dry and shaped.
    4. Remove the dried and shaped mask, rinse off the face with water.

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